...But Community Can Still Be Found in the Home Theater

I know I spent a whole post talking about how we are becoming more isolated with our shrinking screens. And while I still think this is true, I think there are ways to avoid that. We don't have to be isolated by our media. We can still be in community. And I was reminded of that last night.

A few friends came over to watch a TV show. We had planned it in advance, we all looked forward to it. We gathered around our TV and enjoyed the show. We laughed together, we talked about what we saw, and, most importantly, we connected with each other. Sure we could have watched the show the next day on Hulu, but there is still something to watching a show right when it comes on the airwaves. And we got to gather around because it was an event, not just a TV show. It was more because it drew us together. Us being together brought an experience we wouldn't have had.

So yes, media isn't all bad. Not watching a film in a theater isn't the end of the world. We could have done the same around a computer screen. It wouldn't have been as pleasant, but hey, we did it in college. We gathered together to experience media together, to process it, to share it, to be together. Friends sharing an experience.

So find a show you and your friends like and watch it together. Maybe you don't like it, but your friend does. It doesn't matter, go anyway! Schedule a night every week to have friends over and watch a movie. Maybe it's not a regular thing, but make time to do it. Sure it's nice to watch a movie alone, but it can be so much more when experienced with others. The visual image is a mirror of our world. Look into it together.

Oh, and don't forget to pass the popcorn :)


(Image thanks to DaveAustria.com)