Persimmon Recipe #4: Taste Test

2-22-11 The class has seen my work. The ingredients have been prepped and arranged, the mixing has begun, and the initial taste test has commenced. I must say it was really powerful being able to watch the film with others, and though the film is nowhere near as powerful as it can be, I could still tell it moved people in the room. I am so blessed to work with such an amazing story and footage, and such a gifted team.

The screening also made me aware of some major flaws in my cut and areas that need definite improvement. Never mind the fact that my cut is still about 15-20 minutes too long. So I have plenty to do, but I left class today knowing that though it wasn't quite there yet, the small "taste" showed me there were definite signs of an worthwhile product to come. It just has to go through the fires of the oven and the stove. The cooking process has only begun.

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