Persimmon Recipes

This is another journal of sorts following the other film I am editing this semester, Persimmon. Though I unfortunately did not get to join the team for the actual trip to Japan, I am still so grateful to have the opportunity to edit this film! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful team of filmmakers to work with, because the footage they brought back is gorgeous! This is going to be such a wonderful experience as an editor, because I am going to get to stare at beautiful images, performances, and characters every day!

The title of this series might seem a little strange, but it was actually very intentional. I am the editor, and it is my job to take all of the elements the team brought back and piece them all together into a cohesive whole. And the process is very similar to cooking. When you cook, you have all of the ingredients, and you have to put them together in a certain ways to make your creation turn out just right.

But if you know a thing or two about cooking, there is also room to experiment, and other recipes to try, which is how I hope to approach the film. I hope that I will not be too afraid to try other options, to experiment, to really know the story and characters enough to discern how each decision I make is affecting the film as a whole. But I also need to remember this is a persimmon cookbook I am working from, and ultimately it always comes down to the story of Persimmon. No matter what I try, it should be for the purpose of making the story come alive for the audience, much like a good recipe can bring out the best flavors in food.

I hope you enjoy following me as I embark on this journey and learn a thing or two yourself. But ultimately, may you be inspired to seek and tell good stories!