Film Discussion 14: Waste Land

Wow. Inspiring movie and convicting discussion. One of my favorites all year, so thank you Nick, Zack, and Irene for joining. Plenty to keep digesting and applying in the coming weeks and months.

If you weren't able to join us this morning, please watch the recording and let us know what you think. And thank you again to my friends who were able to pull more out of this film than I was able to on my own.

As usual, here's a few show notes for further reading and contemplation. And hope to see you at the next discussion!

Show Notes

1. "When the World is Suffering, What Good do Artists Do?" by William A. Dryness

Intuitively artists want to create experiences that move us, that transport us to another place. They want not just to make a nice melody, but one that we didn’t know to listen for; to shape words that shock and delight. Artists push us to see and hear what doesn’t yet exist, but should.

2. "Waste Land (2010)" by Stephen Holden

When he takes Tião to an auction in London, where “Marat (Sebastião)” sells for $50,000, the young man weeps uncontrollably. Other subjects, confronting images of themselves at an exhibition in Rio, are overwhelmed. It is the first confirmation from the world outside the dump that their lives matter.

3. "Waste Land" by Roger Ebert

Can you leave the life of a picker, fly to another country, stay in luxury and then return to a garbage heap? How do you handle that? It is a matter for endless debate, but eventually Tiao does join Muniz at the action, where his portrait follows an Andy Warhol and wins a bid of $50,000. His reaction is to cry, as Muniz embraces him. He feels this is recognition for his life, for his determination to start the association and for the dignity of his work.