Travis Research Institute Anniversary Videos

This past weekend Fuller's School of Psychology celebrated its 50th anniversary, and the Travis Research Institute celebrated its 25th! It's a great accomplishment, and I had the opportunity to edit two videos for the event.

The first is a video covering the Travis Research Institute and the work they are doing at Fuller:

The second is a mini-documentary highlighting the life and work of the school's founding dean, Lee Edward Travis, who the institute is named after:

Both videos were great learning experiences and exercises in making decisions, as the ratio of footage left on the "cutting room floor" was about 24-to-1! They also forced me to find a story amid the materials at hand, not necessarily the materials I could wish for.

They aren't perfect, but they tell the story of the institute and were well received by their target audience, which I'm extremely grateful for.

But what do you think? Were they engaging? See anything you would change? Let me know!