Lost Season 1: "Tabula Rasa"

When hope is too dangerous to lose, do we lie to keep it? What is more important, truth or hope? Not an easy answer... But why must the leaders live without hope so they can give it to others? Is their hope found in giving others hope? Or do they just sacrifice themselves so that others don't have to suffer? But what is it that makes them keep going? Why do they take this upon themselves?

This episode is dense...

It seems everyone who we trusted last episode is now being revealed as untrustworthy. Things are turned upside down. This is definitely Kate's episode, the flashbacks to her backstory leave us wondering is she is good or bad. Kate is a criminal who everyone trusts her because they would never assume she would harm anyone. Yet, she doesn't seem to trust herself, she seems afraid of what she might do. And Jack, the "leader", is left behind from the hiking mission, left to tend the sick. John Locke is the most mysterious character in this show so far, and yet he also appears to be the most good and helpful.

And yet this episode has even more. It begs the question if these people can start over. Do they get a new life? Does the situation allow them to be different people than they were before? In some ways no. Jack is still a doctor and is used to being the leader, whether he wants to or not. Sawyer obviously still has issues from before. But it seems like Kate might be able to escape from her past. Sayid is able to be helpful and is given a chance to work without discrimination (mostly). I guess time will tell if this situation will allow people to start over, whether for good or ill. But I have hope for good, if the ending of this episode is any indication. It ends with images of them helping one another, and if they can learn to help each other so they can survive rather than fighting amongst themselves and falling into distrust, then maybe this crash may be good after all. It will at least give us hope in humanity.

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