Lost Season 1: "Hearts and Minds"

Locke isn't hunting and people are starting to get hungry...this won't be good.... The people need food, but Locke's priority is the hatch. Is it his duty to keep getting food for everyone? Or should others start doing the job as well?

Not only is Locke lying about hunting, but he also knocks Boone out because Boone wants to share about the hatch with Shannon! He has a problem with the whole group knowing the truth of everything. Why is he so afraid of sharing everything they find? Is it so that people don't become afraid unnecessarily? He ties Boone up and leaves him, trying to get him to think through things. Is Locke's method of making people grow up the best? Who's keeping Locke in check? It's starting to seem like he's able to do whatever  he sees is fit, and there's no one to tell him what he's doing is wrong, because he never tells anyone what he's doing. But he seems to be right so far...

Locke gives Boone an "experience" by giving him some drugs while he's tied up, trying to make him think about his relationship with Shannon. Boone has traveled the world to get Shannon out of bad situations, bribing boys to break up with her, only to find she's been keeping the money herself. But her plan soon backfires, and she's left with no money and her method exposed. So what does she do? She manipulates Boone, sleeps with him, takes advantage of his love for her, gets what she needs, and then keeps stringing him along.

Locke, though, forces Boone to realize what Shannon is doing to him. In his hallucination, Boone sees Shannon tied up too, they are chased by the monster on the island, and ultimately she dies. But when questioned later about it, Boone realizes he was relieved when Shannon died. He realized how much control she had over him, and how tired he was of it. He realized he needed to let her go and take control over his life again. Let's see how this goes over/how long it lasts! Hopefully he stays out of her grasp!

Even though Locke was ultimately able to help Boone, it's still questionable if his methods were justifiable. Everyone trusts Locke unquestionably, but should they? Is he infallible and indestructible as everyone seems to think? I'm worried people are going to trust Locke too much and he's going to make a mistake, and then where does that leave them? Things are especially getting worrisome now that Locke is starting to speak in terms of "allies" and "sides." Is it inevitable that this begins to happen, and Locke is trying to keep from making unnecessary enemies in case sides form? Or is he starting to choose who he wants in a select group? Guess we'll find out...

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