How Do You Get Creative?

With all the media and information pummeling us every single day, how do you get inspired? Do you have to pull away from it all? Or do you just soak it all in?

I find that while I can be inspired by what I consume, sometimes to really get the creative juices flowing I have to spend some time away from the computer, away from the TV, just with a pen and paper. There's just something about it that lets me think a little clearer.

What are your methods of being creative? Do you give yourself space to think and process or just write down/do whatever comes to mind? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Ben Brandt

Ben is a front-end developer with a love for all things web. When he isn't coding for his 8-to-5, he's usually running, watching movies, or playing with new web frameworks and languages.

Portland, OR

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