Flight Log: 4-27-11


[caption id="attachment_969" align="aligncenter" width="570"]Flight of Man Production Still Production Still[/caption]


4-27-11 Another day of The Flight of Man is here. We had the day off today, which is welcome after such a long day yesterday. And so that I could catch up with all the backing up/synching/etc that I didn't finish yesterday!

I was also able to get dailies ready for the producers, director, and DP which we got to watch today. And they are gorgeous! This film will be SO amazing and powerful. We were so fortunate to film at Universal, it just added so much to the footage!

And the vision that Zack (Director) and Daniel (DP) have for this film is so beautiful and moving, and they are both so good at their craft that it is just seeping through every frame of footage. It is such a blessing as an editor to work with such amazing footage! My job just seems so much easier because of it!

Well, I'm probably going to edit a bit more tonight and then rest up for the rest of the week! Looking forward to more beautiful footage! But before I go, here's another sneak peek from dailies: