Reading List: May 2012

Due to the Avengers hype and some travel, I didn't get as much reading down this month. But here's what I got through despite it all:


WordPress Meet Responsive Design by Michael Pick

If you're at all into WordPress development or web design at all, this is a great resource! This is the first in a series of eBooks to come from a new site called Code Poet, from the very team that brings you! In it they interview Chris Coyier, Ian Stewart, and Sara Cannon, all amazing resources on WordPress. They not only have great tips, but great insights on the theory of responsive design as well. Oh, and it includes a great resources section with more articles, podcasts and videos to add to your knowledge. It's free, so there really isn't a reason to check this book out!


Getting Pricing Right by Michael Pick

The second in the series, this is also another great resource for all the above reasons! This one covers how to charge, what to charge, what to put in invoices, and more importantly, the reasons why. If you ever do any freelance work and have no idea what your work is worth, this is another great (and FREE) resource.

Blog Posts to Check out

What stuck out to me in the blogosphere this month:

25 Cinemark Locations to Host All-Day Six-Film Avengers Marathon on May 3: Not sure if any of you made it out to this, but if you did I'd love to hear how it was. It sounded awesome!

Star Wars Facts [Infographic]: Awesome visual representation of some of my favorite films. Check it.

The Avengers in the Hundred Acre Wood: Yes, you read that right. What would the Avengers look like if they lived in the hundred Acre Woods? Here you go.

LOL: ‘The Avengers’ Leads To Increased Sales in Shawarma: It worked on me! How about you?

You Create the Ceiling for Your Organization: One of the best pieces I've seen on leadership and working with a team. Seriously, read this if you want to know your role on your team and why you need to emphasize personal growth as well as the growth of your project.

Evolution of a Soldier: In honor of memorial day, look at how out military has changed it's look over the years. Pretty awesome if I do say so myself.