Persimmon Recipe #7: Done!

4-2-11 The film is picture locked! It's now been several months, but it is here: the visual edit is done!

It is certainly a relief to be here after all of that work and I can confidently say that the film is going to be a good one. As I said here, the story isn't what we started out with, but I think we've come a long way and it is now in many ways a more powerful story because Dean was willing to take it in new directions.

Now that there won't be any more changes to the timing of the images (my job), the others can now do their work, bringing together the sound, music, color correction and more. I can't wait to see what these elements add to the story and how it will be shaped by them. I was able to manipulate a lot through the images, but sound is a whole other element that will drastically affect the experience of the audience, in some ways more than the visuals!

My job is coming to an end, but I hope to see many of you at the premiere in May! I can't wait!