Persimmon Recipe #3: Slicing and Dicing

2-21-11 My first pass at the film is now complete. It took many long hours in the edit bay, but there is a rough cut sitting in front of me. What a feeling!


It feels much like I went through all of the ingredients, found the good bits, sliced them up, and arranged them. In a sense, the rough cut is still very much in the preparation stage, it gives us an idea of where we are headed with the film, but it's not the finished product by far. It has a semblance of the story, enough to understand it. But it's also not the story. How it looks now is not how it will look at picture lock. In many senses, my work has just begun.

But that's the exciting part! The food is sliced, the ingredients prepared, now for the fun of actual cooking! I'll admit, it has a long way to go, many more hours will probably be spent finessing and revamping what I have than went into getting me here. But the first threshold is passed! Now time for some sleep...

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