Persimmon Recipe #1: Preparation

2-4-11 The wheels are rolling in Post-Production on this film! Me and my Assistant Editor, Brian Ulrich, are slogging our way through hours of footage, syncing audio, logging the takes, and trying to best organize everything before we dive into the first rough cut! It's not glamourous work by any means, but it's necessary.

The late nights were worth it, though, to have dailies up on the screen for class on Thursday! Seeing the performances on the big screen was an experience I won't forget. Seeing the faces of everyone in the class as they saw the fruits of their labor (and they put in plenty of hours, believe me!) just reminded me of what this project is going to mean, not only to us, but to everyone who sees it. This film deals with some pretty powerful themes that I believe are going to resonate deeply with our audiences.

The performances I have seen so far are heart-wrenching, the visuals are jaw-dropping, and the love and dedication surrounding this project is awe-inspiring.

To give you a taste, I'm going to close this entry with an image the DP, Zack Gladwin, posted with his blog post.

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