My Intro to Computer Science Final Project

I have finally completed my final project for the Intro to Computer Science course on Udacity!

It is a really simple python program that takes a very specific data input and creates a python dictionary to hold the fledgling social network. It's no facebook, and I doubt it scales well, but it works!

Let me know what you think, I'm sure there is plenty that could be optimized or improved. And if you're at all interested in learning programming, I highly recommend this Udacity course. They cover the topics really well, and the quizzes and assignments are really effective at assessing what you've learned.

This class definitely kicked my butt more than a few times, but it is so satisfying to be done and feel like I really grasped the concepts. Now for more coding!

Ben Brandt

Ben is a front-end developer with a love for all things web. When he isn't coding for his 8-to-5, he's usually running, watching movies, or playing with new web frameworks and languages.

Portland, OR

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