Madagascar 3


Today is an exciting day for me: Madagascar 3 is in theaters today and that means for the first time my name is in the credits of a major motion picture!

So I'm going to tell you all to go see it this weekend! Although I am pretty biased, I will say the movie is a lot of fun and is my favorite of the three films. I think everyone involved did a great job at making this the best of the series.

And as a behind-the-scenes scoop, I can assure you that this film wasn't just thrown together to make a quick buck. Hundreds of artists poured tons of effort into each scene, making it a very engaging and beautiful film. So check it out and let me know what you think!

Ben Brandt

Ben is a front-end developer with a love for all things web. When he isn't coding for his 8-to-5, he's usually running, watching movies, or playing with new web frameworks and languages.

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