Lost Season 1: "Whatever the Case May Be"

Well this episode keeps up with the mysteries! Why is the tide coming in so fast? The weather on the island is very strange, is there something controlling it? It doesn't seem very natural...

Kate's background continues to be revealed as well. She's obsessed with a case she found that she thought she had lost. She won't share what's inside with anyone, but is willing to do anything to get it, whether it's Sawyer or Jack. And it seems like it is Jack who she hurts most. She keeps lying to him, for some reason she can't share what's inside, and eventually her lies start catching up with her. Jack doesn't trust or believe her anymore, he's tired of being lied to and wants to hear the truth. Even when she tells him the truth now, he doesn't believe it. The two are growing distant because of it, and I have a feeling her and Sawyer will be growing closer in the coming episodes.

Even when we find out what it is though, she still hides the meaning. All we know is that it is a toy plane that belonged to someone she loved and killed. Her past is riddled with tragedy and lies, and it is still influencing her now. We'll have to see how long she can stay in one place, with the same people, now that the island is forcing her too...

Jack is beginning to change. He threatens to keep drugs from Sawyer that he desperately needs so he can get the case. It's questionable if the man who has to save everyone would carry this through, but Sawyer isn't willing to try him on it.

Charlie is still quiet, he feels responsible for Claire. Rose reaches out to him, telling him he needs to ask for help, but he doesn't think anyone wants to help him. Through Rose's actions though, he begins to open up again. She says she can't help him, but she prays for him, knowing that only God can help him. This show is teeming with supernatural imagery and speech! It doesn't seem to matter what kind, but there is obviously something not of this world on the island!

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