Lost Season 1: "Solitary"

Whoa! Things are happening! New characters, more mystery, what's going on! Sayid's episode has certainly raised more questions!

As Sayid makes his way around the island, he begins to find traps, and is even caught by one. He's captured and tortured, oh how the tables have turned from the last episode. Makes me wonder if this island, with it's black and white theme, has some sort of justice itself! If you do wrong, wrong is done to you....guess we'll find out...

Sayid is captured by the French woman who made the transmission, and she can't believe he is alive. In fact she assumes he's from another group of people on the island! (whoever they are) Apparently she was on a science team who's ship was shipwrecked on the island. I'm beginning to think there's something on the island that draws things to itself, stranding people on the island...

More strange events...Danielle (the French woman) can hear "others" whispering. Are these people real? Or is she going crazy from being away from others too long? Well the solitary confinement hasn't been without side effects on her, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were other people on the island.

Danielle certainly doesn't want to be alone, but previous events on the island have caused her to mistrust others, so she's stuck in this place where she wants others but will kill them if they do anything out of her control.

Sayid's backstory was very intriguing in this episode. His love (the girl in the picture he carries) was his prisoner at one point. As his time in the military is shown, the episode portrays him as constantly battling between doing what's right and what he's supposed to do in the military. Often he's afraid to do what's right, for fear of what will happen to him and his family if he disobeys the military, but he will do what's right when necessary, and is willing to risk everything for Nadia. He's a man who strives to do what is right, but is haunted with regrets for never being brave enough to do everything needed. He hurt his love, and killed her in a sense because he was too afraid to what was right, and that fact continually haunts him.

As far as other characters are concerned, Kate and Sawyer are beginning to connect more, as they both are, or have been, "outcasts." Kate reaches out to Sawyer when he needs it most, but it's starting to create a love triangle between Kate, Sawyer, and Jack.

Everyone on the island is looking for something to do, they have nothing to do but worry and stress. Hurley comes to their rescue, trying to get them all to have fun, and makes a golf course. In the end, Hurley helps the group almost more than anyone else because he is able to get everyone to have a fun day and, at least for a moment, the island becomes a nice place to be. Others in the group provide for different needs, but so far Hurley has proved the only one to attend to everyone's need for relaxation and enjoyment.

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