Lost Season 2: "S.O.S."

Lost Season 2

This episode we find that there really is something special to this island. Some sort of energy is providing the healing power that healed Locke's legs and now we find out, Rose's cancer. Rose went to see a healer in Australia, but his energy couldn't heal her, but the island's can. What is this "energy," and does it have the power to do more than just heal? Does the computer have something to do with that power and controlling or harnessing it? Still so much to find out...

But the real question at this point is if this power is the reason the Others don't want the group to be on the island. Perhaps they are harvesting it or using it for some purpose they don't want discovered. Perhaps they are worried about others discovering the island and ruining it. Perhaps they see themselves as protectors of the powers of the island? Whatever the reason, I have a feeling it's something about this power and the specialness of the island. Humans often hoard power when they find it and don't like to share it. These Others strike me as the type of people who will do anything to keep this power in their hands.

[caption id="attachment_2736" align="alignnone" width="580"]Henry Gale Freaking Henry....[/caption]

Speaking of the Others, Henry Gale continues his job of getting into their heads, and he has inserted doubt into Locke as to the legitimacy of continually pushing the button every 108 minutes. He also has gotten Jack to try bargaining with the Others to trade Henry for Walt. Whether or not it will work, it seems like something Henry desires, and I worry some trap is awaiting the group, and soon. For some reason, instead of meeting the Others though, Michael appears. Was he sent from the group? He seemed like he was on the run... Hopefully he's not a spy or working for them somehow. A trap is brewing, and I fear it will be worse than any will imagine...

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