Lost Season 1: “Raised By Another”

Claire's episode began with some intense and crazy nightmares about her baby dying. Is there something on the island causing these? Or is it like Jack said, and merely something caused by her pregnancy? This show is hard to tell how much of it is scientifically explainable, and how much supernatural influence is happening on the island. Having a psychic in Claire's backstory though certainly lends itself towards the supernatural...

The psychic is scared of Claire and her future, especially pertaining to her baby. He says that danger surrounds the child, that she has to raise the child because it needs her protection and influence in it's life. Is he talking specifically about the island? Or something else? Is the baby itself dangerous? Or just the island? These questions are further complicated by the fact that Ethan is so interested in the baby. Aside from the fact that there are more people on the island, it's strange that whoever they are, they are so interested in the baby. I'm not sure why, but I'm guessing I'll have to wait on that one too!

Another part of this prophecy that provides trouble is that she has to raise the child alone. Her boyfriend leaves her, and she doesn't want do it alone, but now she has to. She feels unwanted and alone, so it's nice to see Charlie taking an interest in her. He keeps going after her, even when she doesn't want it, taking care of her, even being there when the contractions start. It's good to see that someone's making sure she's cared for, even if she has to be alone in raising the child.

The question is though, is the psychic right? A strange event where the pens wouldn't work when Claire tried to give the baby up for adoption made it seem so, but he was wrong about her flight to LA. Or was he? But if he knew about the crash, why would he send her there? To force her to raise the baby? Or is there something more about the island he knows about, that will influence the baby? So mysterious...

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