Lost Season 1: "Pilot (Part 2)"

Here I am, finished watching my second episode of Lost (or does it still count as the first? I'm confused...), and I must say I'm still excited for more!

Well, alliances are certainly forming! It's interesting how in situations like this, people are looking for others to trust, whether they should or not, and how often it's based on stereotypes. First impressions lead to so many relationships in this show, out of necessity, but since no one knows anything about these characters, and neither do we (genius!), it's whoever we initially trust.

We're definitely moving forward in character development, though not so much story-wise. I felt there wasn't as much plot moving in this episode, which is fine, I really want to understand these characters! And there's plenty of plot still going on too, lots of new mysteries. Like why the heck there's a polar bear on the island! Either there is a zoo, or there's some strange supernatural explanation! Though, I'm guessing I'm not going to find out for awhile...

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