Lost Season 1: "Homecoming"

They have already been on the island for a month?! Crazy! Time on this island is going fast! Though maybe that's because I'm watching them all at once. People who watched the show on TV must have thought it was slow! Would have taken you guys like 3 1/2 months to get this far, so I guess that changes things.

I don't know what Ethan did to Claire, but she still can't remember a thing, not even the crash. But we also learn that somehow Claire got away because Ethan comes looking for her again and threatens to kill more people if they don't return Claire to him. Was he not done? Or what? What is going on here?

Needless to say, everyone becomes afraid of Claire since, by protecting her, they may be choosing their death with Ethan on the loose. I'm glad no one thought it would be better to just turn her over on some "greater good" claim. Once again the people on this island show me they are good down inside and they don't fall into the typical evils that struggling for survival can bring. Yet their fear is still keeping them from fully accepting Claire.

Charlie is haunted by the fact that he keeps lying to the people he cares about, and he can't seem to help himself, no matter how hard he tries. Charlie tries so hard to do the right thing, but too often it seems he just can't help himself. I wonder what it is that drives him to keep doing wrong? What is motivating him? Or is it just that he seriously lacks any self-control? I wonder if it will become more clear as time goes on? He also tends to blame himself for bad things that happen, especially with Claire, when often there was nothing he could or did do. Why does he feel he has to blame himself? There's a lot going on internally with Charlie that I guess we'll find out over time.

With Ethan on the loose, Jack begins to get desperate and brings out the case of guns even though he was really scared to do so before. Jack tends to give way to even his biggest hesitations when in desperate need, and I'm not sure if it's the best thing to have in the leader of the group. Should he always be giving in just because it's the easiest solution? Yeah it seems like the decision have been right so far, but should he give in whenever he doesn't know what to do? Should he spend more time trying to come up with other solutions?

He is even willing to use Claire as bait to catch Ethan, which seems very un-Jack-like. But he still won't let Charlie go with them, because he doesn't know how to handle a gun. I guess he's still using some good judgement. But he seems to be ignoring Charlie's need to be with Claire. The two have really bonded, and Charlie has sort of become her protector. I'm not sure which is more dangerous, giving a man a gun who doesn't know how to use one, or having a spurned protector follow after you anyway... Charlie always wants to take care of people but is consistently told he can't. I'm glad Claire wants to trust him, but having a person always feel unneeded isn't very good to have on an island. Especially when everyone's help is needed to survive.

It is interesting though that, in the end, Jack's decision to keep Charlie behind backfired on him. Jack may have taken Ethan out by himself, but it was Charlie who ended up killing him. Because Jack tried to keep Charlie away, he lost his chance to get information out of Ethan. People need to allow Charlie to help, otherwise I fear that he will cause problems because he is continually spurned away.

Final thing to keep track of: Jack doesn't always like it when Locke leads. While earlier I mentioned the Jack/Sawyer struggles, I think in the near future it will be the Jack/Locke confrontations that will be causing the most problems.

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