Lost Season 1: "Deus Ex Machina"

John Locke is really starting to confuse me. I don't know if I should trust him or not, though I really want to. There seem to be a lot of strange and supernatural events surrounding the man, and I don't know why. Well, needless to say, this episode didn't help, and if anything, it just brought up more questions.

In this episode we find that Locke seems to be losing the use of his legs, that the island is taking back the miracle it gave him. They work sometimes, but he can't feel them, and eventually they get so bad he falls on the ground and Boone has to do all the work for him. Why is this happening? Is the island testing him? What caused his legs to be healed in the first place? Is it based on his location on the island? Will they ever explain anything?!

He also seems to somehow be receiving instructions form the island on what to do. How or when this is happening, and why he obeys them almost blindly, without questioning, is beyond me. He'll even follow the instructions if it means the harm of someone else! The island is his god, and he will do whatever it requires because he assumes that the island knows what's best for all of them. I sure hope he's right... Did the island give him his legs so that he would obey it and do things for it?

The back story in this episode is very sad, and certainly doesn't answer these questions. It shows Locke reunited with his parents, and he trusts everything they say. which results in his father conning him and taking his kidney. He wanted a family and wanted to trust them, only to find that they were tricking him. For his sake, I hope the flashback isn't a mirror of the present as it so often is, otherwise the island is going to be tricking him soon!

His mother says some strange things as well, though they seem to be false. She tells Locke that he's special and part of a design, that he was immaculately conceived. Are these just lies to make him think she's crazy? Or is there more about Locke's past that is similar to Walt's special abilities?

Whatever all that means, Locke follows the islands instructions and finds a plane, which Boone climbs up into to find what the island wants them to find. All they find is a bunch of drugs. Boone is able to send out a radio transmission from the plane though, but the person who responds says they are from flight 815. Is it repeating what Boone said? Are there more people on the island? Is he somehow talking to himself, or the island? Whatever or whoever it was, the plane falls down and Boone gets seriously injured. Locke takes him back to Jack, but won't tell him what happened. He's still afraid of people finding out of the hatch, so much so that he won't even properly explain how Boone was hurt.

Locke goes back to the hatch, angry at the island for not showing him how to open the hatch, only to have a light turn on in the hatch. What is going on? Hopefully the answers lie in the next few episodes!

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