If you like watching movies, and want a place to record your ratings and see what your friends are watching, then you'll want to check out Letterboxd.

I recently started my profile and have loved the experience so far. It provides a really cool diary so you can track what you've watched over the years and has been a great resource to consolidate reviews of people I trust as I debate whether I should see that new movie or not. As I dig deeper into the site, I imagine I will value the feedback on here much more than a generic "tomato" score, since I know who's voting and I trust their judgment.

I usually hesitate to recommend yet another social media site, but if you love movies I really think you need to check this site out. I'll make sure to keep my profile updated, so feel free to connect with me over there. I'm still planning on publishing my longer-form reviews here on my blog, but I'm brainstorming how to best convey more bite-size reviews on Letterboxd.

Let me know if you sign up!