Flight Log

Welcome back to Cutaways! I hope you have found my posts to be thought-provoking and interesting so far. Largely I have spent most of my posts taking a deeper look at films I am watching, which has been great! I am excited, though, at a new opportunity to use this blog for! Keeping you up-to-date on the films I am working on!

This will be the first of many posts tracking my work on The Flight of Man, my senior thesis film that I am working on with an amazing crew, and I will be assuming the role of editor. We film in late April, so you might be wondering why I would be writing this so soon, but there is a lot that goes on for even a post-production role before filming starts, so I hope you find the process interesting, especially once it gets in full swing for me.

To see more about the film, who's involved, and how you can participate, please check out our website.

This post will host all of the posts, or "Flight Logs" as I am affectionately calling them, so you can always come back to this post and keep an eye out for any that you may have missed on the man page. I'm looking forward to sharing this experience with you!