Flight Log: 4-30-11


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4-30-11 Today we took a trip to both clean air and back in time. We went up to Yucaipa to an old schoolhouse to shoot some of the beginning scenes of the film. The locations on this film have been amazing, and have contributed so much to the telling of this story!

The scenes just reminded me of so many other school scenes I've seen in movies. Everything fit the part and looked so professional! I am amazed at the crew working on this film that they are able to pull off these beautiful shots!

And of course it was fun having all the kids on set! There were so many extras, all of them so cute. It certainly brought some life back on the set after a long week of filming, which was nice.

I can't believe that this week is almost over already, but here we are! And the footage is starting to cut together nicely, which is exciting!