Flight Log: 4-29-11


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4-29-11 Another inspiring day on The Flight of Man. We shot a few more scenes, and had a short day! What a blessing after a long day yesterday!

The footage is still looking magical, and I've been able to start editing a few scenes already, which is awesome! It's looking like I might be able to have a full rough cut by the end of the shoot! At the very least I'll have a very trimmed assembly cut, and will have shortened the amount of time I need to edit the film! I'll basically be able to jump straight into the real editing of the film when we're done shooting since all the organization/logging/transferring/synching/etc will already be taken care of! Can't wait!

Well not much different happened today that you haven't already heard of, and we have a very early call time tomorrow, so I'm going to hit the hay.

I'm really excited because we get to go to an old school-house tomorrow! Should be lots of fun!

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