Au Hasard Balthazar Discussion 3/23

Au Hasard Balthazar

We've now done our first documentary as well as our first "old" film, so now it's time to do our first foreign film! The plan is the watch the classic Au Hasard Balthazar, Robert Bresson's 1966 French film telling the tale of a donkey and a girl as they traverse through life. As we come upon the Easter season, it should offer a great reflection on what it means to be a suffering servant, and what it means to watch those you love suffer for bad choices they make.

This is a bit of a hard one to find, but thankfully Hulu Plus has it, so grab a free 2-week trial if you don't have an account and check it out! It's supplied by the Criterion Collection, so it's a great digital remaster and stunningly captures the essence of this film.

The cinematography is captivating, and it's a wonderful example of the French New Wave style. Some of you may start the film and start to wonder why I chose it, but trust that it has a 100% on both Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. It's worth a watch and will hopefully provide a fruitful discussion.

Speaking of, we'll be talking about it on March 23rd at 10am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time).

Hope to see you all there, and remember to let me know if you want to join so I can make sure you get an invite to the Google+ Hangout.