Content Overload

Overload Photo Credit: shehan365 via Compfight cc

I've been in a bit of a time of reflection lately, and have been really assessing how much content I consume, and how much of it I almost force myself to make time for. I have a list of movies and TV shows to catch up on, a huge list of saved articles in Pocket waiting to be read, an overflowing podcast app, and a stack of books I would love to read. Oh, and a constantly updating Twitter feed with more resources and discussions begging to be added to the list.

These all continue to guilt me with their ever-growing number of notifications, and I consistently feel like I can't keep up. If I set aside time to catch up on them, it requires me to stop creating to make the time to do so.

The problem is that these resources seem worth my time, and help me grow and learn both in my career and as a person. So I come to you all, my blog audience (however large or small you actually are) for suggestions.

How do you keep up with all of your resources? And when do you decide if you need to trim back on the sources you are pulling from?

Is it merely a matter of managing the input? Or should I seek to decrease the items calling for my attention?

How much can you intelligently consume without merely bingeing for the sake of keeping up?

Do you find that these lists/networks/resources help you in your inspiration and output? Or limit your ability to truly think and progress as an artist and creator?

I offer no answers, only questions. I'd love to dialogue with you all as I navigate a world that seeks to continually bombard me with knowledge, and try to discover how to best respond.