Beauty and the Trevi Fountain

Lately I've been thinking a lot about the importance of beauty in our lives. so naturally I've been thinking a lot about my trip to Rome this past January. (this is a picture I took of the Trevi Fountain by Bernini)

In order to best create and work and be reminded of the bigger things in life, it's important that we are in constant contact with things that are able to inspire, to move, and to change.

Rome contains some of the most beautiful and moving pieces of art and churches I've seen in my life. In a few square miles, it's possible to interact with some of the greatest art in the history of the western world. You just don't get that in suburbia! They still inspire me and my mind will constantly look back on them, moving my soul 10 months after seeing them!

I need to seek out ways to be in contact with beauty. Perhaps there are many places I'm overlooking. Perhaps I need to initiate it and start placing beautiful things in my surroundings. At the very least I can contemplate those works of art I have in my memory!